18 June 2012

Sunday at the Convent

Yesterday I went with some friends from Bendigo to the Sunday market at the Abbotsford Convent. The Makers Market is on the third Sunday of every month and takes place in and around the convent buildings. There are some gorgeous cottage industry crafts for sale including handmade fashions, knitwear, jewellery, and accessories by local designers, including a wide range of childrens' clothing. There are also homewears, ceramics and art pieces.
We wandered around, in and out of the drizzling rain, thoroughly enjoying the sights and textures.
Later, we had a bite to eat at Lentil as Anything, a wonderful vegetarian cafe where you pay what you can/what you think the meal is worth/or simply pay for your meal and 'pay it forward' for someone else. A great concept run on the hard work of enthusiastic volunteers. We ate well and enjoyed the atmosphere.
A great afternoon out which I can heartily recommend, even in the rain!

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