26 June 2010

A bite out of the moon

Tonight there is a partial lunar eclipse. I had a chance to see it for a little while before the sky clouded over. It was fun to see the shadow that all of us and our world is making on the moon. It is hard to look at the moon without hearing Noel Fielding's voice these days, but that's hardly a bad thing.

Earlier today I was listening to Denise Hylands' Twang on RRR & she played a new song by Barb Waters & the Mothers of Pearl. It was a cover of the Diana Trask hit 'O Boy' & it was perfect as I walked through the park to the shops. Really brightened up my day. Then I started wondering what Diana Trask was doing now. In fact there is a book available from her web page entitled 'Whatever happened to Diana Trask?' Reading her web bio, I had no idea she had been so successful. I just remembered and loved the song, which must have been released when I was about seven. Tonight I bought Barb's new version from iTunes & listened the original too, and had one of those moments where music is just EVERYTHING.

Coincidentally, it appears that Diana Trask is going to guest on Spicks 'n' Specks this Wednesay, June 30th on the ABC at 8:30 pm. O Boy!

Not very wordy June

Well, that didn't go so well...it's now the 26th of June & I didn't blog. Have been really busy with other things. Good things.

One of the things has been singing & rehearsing for the gig I'm playing with gorgeous partner: guitarist and walking archive of popular music. I also had two vocal coaching sessions in the last week, and am learnng a few new techniques to help my voice along. Sharing the night with us will be the wonderful Nick Creswell, whose energy and passion never fail to excite. He has a web page for online jamming which is fantastic for playing along & for beginners too. (I'm still a perpetual beginner on guitar...) So it should be an awesome night!

Last Spring I sang at a private shindig at a club, which was great fun. Next week will be my first gig in an actual bar in about 15 years. It's never too late!

Someone recommended a book which really inspired me, The Brain That Changes Itself.
It tells stories of people who have overcome incredible obstacles through rewiring their neural pathways by doing stuff over & over until new pathways are built. If you're feeling stuck, this book will rock your world. (Not so good for the monkeys, though...)

Rock and roll!

04 June 2010

Blog every day of June

Well, I'm 4 days late, but I'll attempt to catch up by writing a little something each day of June. As Melbourne settles in to a wintry Friday night, I'm approaching the weekend hopefully and heading out into the weather, so a longer post will follow tomorrow, when I actually have something to say....