26 June 2010

Not very wordy June

Well, that didn't go so well...it's now the 26th of June & I didn't blog. Have been really busy with other things. Good things.

One of the things has been singing & rehearsing for the gig I'm playing with gorgeous partner: guitarist and walking archive of popular music. I also had two vocal coaching sessions in the last week, and am learnng a few new techniques to help my voice along. Sharing the night with us will be the wonderful Nick Creswell, whose energy and passion never fail to excite. He has a web page for online jamming which is fantastic for playing along & for beginners too. (I'm still a perpetual beginner on guitar...) So it should be an awesome night!

Last Spring I sang at a private shindig at a club, which was great fun. Next week will be my first gig in an actual bar in about 15 years. It's never too late!

Someone recommended a book which really inspired me, The Brain That Changes Itself.
It tells stories of people who have overcome incredible obstacles through rewiring their neural pathways by doing stuff over & over until new pathways are built. If you're feeling stuck, this book will rock your world. (Not so good for the monkeys, though...)

Rock and roll!

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