27 January 2008

Pet photo

Originally uploaded by Mishalleneous
Here is that pesky cat Po, looking handsome and harmless on the back verandah.

Photo of my pet on the library wiki

On Friday I put a photo of my cat on the library wiki. It was a bit fiddly but I had some help. He looks like he wouldn't hurt a flea but he is really mad, bad and dangerous to know.

Rufus Wainwright

I'm really excited about going to the Rufus Wainwright concert next weekend. He is such a wonderful songwriter, can't wait to see him live!
To see the clip of Go or go ahead, go here.
To see the new video of Going to a town, go here.
Or for his web page, go here.

We love you, Rufus!

08 January 2008

Del.icio.us 2

I played around with del.icio.us a bit more yesterday and found that if I got the bookmarker and tag installed on my browser it was simple to tag web pages as I found them. Now it makes a bit more sense. So I like del.icio.us a bit more now.

07 January 2008


I've been having a go at Del.icio.us but have not found it very useful. I imported a couple of favourites but when I searched on Dr Who, the search engine failed. It's the third time I've explored the site and I can see it would be useful if I was getting a new computer and wanted to save my bookmarks but I don't get the sharing my bookmarks with other people thing. I would need to be having a real conversation with the person next to me to do that and then I would just email them the link. Sorry to be negative.