11 June 2012

Possum wool scarf

I've been knitting a New Zealand possum wool scarf off and on for a few months. I didn't know when I was given the wool that possums are not native to New Zealand, hence they are hunted and their fur is used in, among other things, a wool blend for yarns.

I thought I would try a diagonal mesh stitch for this scarf as it has worked well before. The only thing is, if you start daydreaming while knitting, as I often do, a few extra stitches seem to be born along the way, and the scarf ends up getting a bit wider, which is what has happened to mine lately. Oh well, I'll just decrease a bit towards the end.

1 comment:

  1. Possum fur is great for anything that needs to be extra warm, and a few years back there was even talk of the WWF actually running a campaign to say that buying possum products from NZ was ecologically sound. WE now have around 90 million of them, twice the number of sheep, and they are rampant destroyers of native foliage (with subsequent impact on species that depend on that foliage) and spreaders of bovine TB. So please, knit away, using lots more of our possum fibre.