14 June 2012

The full Geiger treatment

I saw Ridley Scott's Prometheus earlier tonight.  Sleep deprived as I was, I didn't want to miss it on the big screen.

This looks fantastic as only Scott can do. The design is simply breathtaking and there is more beauty in it than in any of that which has gone before. He does vast (an emerging motif of mine this month), just so well.

Character development is strong for the protagonist, played by the feisty, (and by global consensus, it appears, indestructible), Noomi Rapace.  Ripley predux rocks, that's all I'm saying.

Other key players' motivations are revealed at a symphonic pace, and a couple of the usual deadly sins flag the soon to be deceased...

Design is not so much a character, it is rather that Geiger's style, in all it's beauty, organic lividity and sheer viscerality is the foreground and the background upon which all action unfolds. His memes drive plot and mark territory, and signpost change.

The larger themes explored here are reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica's eternal return, and there is sequel all over the last few scenes.

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