10 September 2012

Library site design - technical aspects

My own criteria for effective library website design are:

  1.       Keep the site simple, don’t overwhelm users with elements;
  2.      Make sure information and news is timely and up to date
  3.       Don’t rely on text-based information, mix it up with icons, images and video
  4.      Mobile, mobile, mobile – compatible apps for iPhones, Android and Blackberry and tablets
  5.     Room for feedback with a transparent approach to comments, queries, complaints and considered responses and answers
  6.      Embrace redundancy – use different terms and plain, jargon-free language to point to the same services
  7.    Use analytic tools to find out what users are actually doing on the site, where they came in from, where they went, what worked and what failed
  8.    Don’t bury chat, phone and email methods of contacting the library on the page – make a range of communication methods obvious
  9.  Build and maintain a social networking identity through links from the web page from and to for example Facebook, twitter, RSS, and blogging presences in the user community
  10.   Use an iterative process of identifying needs and issues, trying solutions and getting feedback to solve design and usability problems

Observing the Darebin Libraries website, here is my evaluation, with scoring out of 10 for each item:

            1. 8/10 The site has just enough elements to make it interesting without being too ‘busy’
            2. 9/10 News about library events and activities is up to date and provides relevant details
            3. 9/10 There is a balanced mix of text, icons, images and video
            4. 0/10 There is not as yet a mobile app found for the Library
            5. 0/10 Room on the site for comments and feedback was not found
            6. 7/10 There are several ‘ways in’ for information about many of the services, such as online resources, and the catalogue search is available on every page
            7. N/A I was unable to determine what kinds of analytics are being used
            8. 8/10 Contact information is readily available and there are a range of options provided.
            9. 4/10 The site features an RSS feed option, with an explanation.  Brief explanations of Facebook or twitter are provided via the site search tool, but there does not appear to be a library presence on these sites, which could increase the Library's profile.
            10. N/A This is difficult to determine as this is information is not public.  A search on the word ‘feedback’ lands on the collection development policy page.

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