09 June 2011

Now to see if blogs are happening...

It's day #9 of blog every day of june & I really hope my mobile blogger is working...
Making some coffee & trying to keep warm watching a Happy Days rerun. It's about 9 degrees celsius.


  1. hmm, do you have a set of this container??

  2. Yes, well there's a funny story attached to that. I did have the whole set. But then a tv company was doing some filming in my house, and in the cleanup, the smallest container, the pink "tea" caddy, which I was actually using for teabags, went missing. Nothing dastardly was going on, they did search high and low through their storage lot for it - it was just never to be found again. A shame really, as I have the red "flour", a green "rice" and a yellow "sugar" (I think, from memory, not having looked today) but yes a whole set.