28 December 2008


I'd almost forgotten my blog, but after four Christmases in seven days, I am now alternating between lying on the couch and addressing my techno to do list. An hour ago I found out I can email myself from my phone (after 20 mins trying to upload photos via a cable). Hooray, who knew. The other night I spent two hours trying to download my own song from my pc to my mp3 player. It worked in the end but there was a lot of swearing involved.

My new year's resolution is to blog more and lose the anxiety about trying to be witty every post. I know, Wired magazine said the blog is dead, but I've hardly got going...

Above is a real sign I saw on my holiday to the Grampians.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.


  1. 4 Christmases in 7 days! That's to OTT for me. I'd still be in bed after that. In fact, I was just after visiting family. All that kissing people hello and on the lips, I ended up with a sore throat which is only getting better now.

    Happy new year Mishie. x

  2. Thanks lovely! It was a bit intense but i feel somehow clenased and ready to start the new year afresh. Hope you are feeling better soon, love M. x