24 July 2008

23 + 5 : Task #4 c

I worked out what I was doing wrong with Voyage. I was loading the url of the web page I wanted to feed into Voyage, instead of clicking on the RSS icon on the web page and cutting and pasting THAT url into Voyage. This took only 4 days to work out. So actually, Voyage works ok. But how does it know that it's me? I don't log in but when I open Voyage again, my feed from yesterday is there. How does it do that?


  1. I think it must use a cookie on the computer. Which means if you want to set it up on 2 different computers you'd need to set it up again?

  2. Hi I actually wrote voyage. Bonito is nearly right. It's using a local object, which is flash's version of a cookie. So you would have to set it up again if you wanted to use it on another computer. Voyage is more of an experiment at this stage. But I've had a lot of feedback about it, so I'm tempted to work on upgrading it a little in the future.

  3. Thank you so much for answering my question. Sorry I forgot to reply last year & all the best for your future projects!