02 December 2007

Google Docs and iGoogle

I uploaded a presentation slide show which I made years ago for my course to Google Docs today. It's quite a useful tool, especially for storing stuff remotely. It worked fine even with a ppt. presentation I cobbled together in Windows 98. Very easy to use. I then sent it to a few friends who are also doing the 23 things project, just to see if this was easy. It seemed to work fine.
Earlier today, I spent some screentanning time customising my iGoogle page, which was moderately entertaining. I selected something called 'spider' and now there is a very lifelike spider crawling around on my page. Perhaps this will help tone down my arachnaphobia...
For friends outside work who check my blog, sorry, there might be a few posts in a row to do with what I'm doing in Library 2.0/23 things stuff as I hurry to finish my set tasks for the project. Sorry if there is less cultural stuff/reviews for the next week or two.
Does anyone else feel like they are in a big ad for Google this week?....

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