21 November 2007

Google Maps

A while ago I had a look at Google Earth
It was great fun: I could see my house with the car in the drive and I had a look at the Pyramids of Giza, Paris, the Grand Canyon, the top of Everest and other amazing places. I could also see my local swimming pool, which was somehow more exciting. I have found Google Maps
really useful too, especially the hybrid map/satellite function. It's useful for linking directions when I invite people over to my house and for working out the best way to get to places. Mostly its just fun to look at my neighbourhood or places I used to live. Google Sky is also amazing - I took a tour of nebulas the other day and was absolutely captivated. Hours of fun!


  1. Isn't it strange that when you find something that you know it seems much more exciting than something, like, well the Pyramids of Giza! I got excited when I spotted Northcote Plaza!

  2. It's a pretty happening place - and you can still go there in tracky daks and not get wierd looks!

  3. You can go there in tracky daks and be over dressed!