19 September 2007

Speaking of Laurie Anderson

She's coming to Melbourne for the Arts Festival to perform her work Homeland and also giving a talk.
Her web page sounds beautiful:

and her myspace page is pretty wonderful too:

What an incredible artist.


  1. Oh Superman was a fav of mine for years

  2. Went to Laurie Anderson's talk/discussion last evening....very interesting. When she was asked what she saw as beauty she answered for her it was empathy & she likes this to come through her work too. To get outside of me, me, me!

    I'm going to Homeland tonight, really looking forward to it. She said that this show was sparked by anger for her. Artists in the US are not speaking out about what's happening in the States & that makes her very angry. Although her work has never been greatly political she feels she can not remain silent now

  3. Homeland was awesome wasn't it? During some of the violin parts I found myself in that place where I forget the music is there because I'm inside the music. And then there would be a moment of wry political comment and the whole room would burst into laughter. Beautiful. I love her surrealist moments too.